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From: Dima Sorokine
Free Adwords & PPC Guide!

Over the last 10 years I’ve been able to convert my Products and Services with PPC / Adwords traffic. On average I pay $10 – $15 per Sale, my products range anywhere from $37 – $100s in cost – so my profit margins are very high, often 3 times lower than paying 50% to an affiliate. This success comes mostly from knowing how to identify profitable Keywords, wright effective Ad Copy and craft a high converting Sales Page to turn targeted traffic into Sales.

“If You Could Trade $10 for $67 Over and Over Again:
How Long Would You Keep Doing It?

4 Years ago I put all of my relevant knowledge, short-cuts and strategy into a simple Adwords guide. It focuses on the 20% of Adwords strategy that generates 80% of the profit – this guide is called “Adwords Direct Response”, its been surprisingly successful and I made several updates since its original launch. Now I’ve made a condensed version of it, focussing on the MOST important fundamental parts of setting up a Profitable Adwords Campaign. Its yours 100% Free of charge…

Based On Warrior Forum and JVZoo Product Of The Day:

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This guide is based on the Warrior Forum Products of the Day for Oct. 13, 2013…


And JVZOO Product of the Day for Oct 13, 2014…


Inside this FREE Guide You’ll Learn:

1. Campaign Set-Up: The settings to your Adwords, Bing, 7Search and other PPC Campaigns are crucial to how targeted and likely to buy your traffic is. Separating Text and Banner Ads, properly tracking your campaigns, selecting the most profitable markets and many other important features. I go over what the most important features mean, how you should use them and why – with easy to understand Screenshots.

2. “Buyer” Keyword Research: This is the foundation of every profitable Adwords campaign – it all starts with the Keywords you choose and how closely they relate to your Product. You will learn how to find “Buyer” Keywords that are most likely to generate Sales, and Negative Keywords that that will exclude low quality traffic (that’s NOT likely to get any sales). 

3. Writing Ad Copy: Your Ads will determine the amount of Traffic being driven to your Sales Page, as well as the quality of that Traffic. This is why its very important to write Ad Copy that entices likely buyers to click on your Ads, and puts them into a “Buying Mood” before they even see your Sales Page.  

4. Improving Keyword Performance: After your campaign reaches 1000+ Clicks you will have a wealth of Useful Data at your disposal! Using this data correctly will increase your Traffic Volume, lower your Cost Per Click (make the traffic cheaper), and increase your Conversion Rates (more Sales / Profit!) 

5. Improving Ad Performance: Next you’ll learn how to give your keywords high Performing Ads. By looking at the same Data and Traffic Stats you’ll be able to apply simple tweaks to your Ads to increase both traffic Volume and Quality (again: more Sales / Profit).

6. Improving Sales Page Performance: The same way you can improve an Ad’s Click Through Rate, you can improve your Sales Page’s Conversion Rate! Hint: its all about Matching your Sales Page to your highest performing Keywords and Ads. All it takes is a few simple step that can literally be applied in Minutes to any Sales Page.

7. NEW – Strategy for AGGRESSIVE Marketing & Sales Pages: For those of you selling eBooks and Software targeted at the “Internet Marketing” Niche, or “Make Money Online”, “Dating”, “Weight Loss” and other highly competitive / Aggressive Niches (the type sold on JVZoo, WarriorForum and ClickBank) that dont generally get Approved on Adwords or Bing – There are Highly Profitable PPC alternatives available. I cover the best ones, and teach you how to apply my strategy to other PPC Search Engines (Such as 7Search).

I could tell you more about how Informative, Useful and Easy to apply this guide is, but I’d rather you check it out and judge for yourself. So download the guide right now – its 100% FREE and requires NO sign-ups or opt-ins. Just Click, Download and Start driving “Buyer Traffic” to your Websites. Its that easy…

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