My name is Dima Sorokine and for over 10 years my personal income has depended entirely on marketing, internet marketing in particular. I say this because I want you to know that understanding what works online has been paying my bills for nearly a decade – I don’t work 9 – 5 for a salary nor do I have a boss to answer to. This has led me to develop a system for my personal projects that values profit and efficiency above all. Its not about company guidelines, pleasing a boss or conforming to a brand image. The most important thing is that my websites make money.

In early 2012 I started offering my brand of marketing as a service. To date I have over 100 different advertising campaigns (for nearly as many clients) under my belt. I’ve been using the same exact approach I use for my very own websites, and my strategy has been producing the same results for my clients…

In the past year I’ve done research for so many different websites, in so many different markets – that my only requirements are: you have a website, it sells something. It doesn’t matter what you sell, or what market you’re in. If you’re selling something, I can get started on finding the “Buyer Keywords” for it.

So I’ve got my own personal experience, experience helping over 100 clients, and 2 assistance who are very good at what they do and help me see things I might normally miss. Together we are here to assist you get new clients & customers for your business.

Dima Sorokine
Owner, Creator